Opera is an organizational and information system consultancy company.

This company was founded in April 2007 in Lyon and a fortnight of employees nowadays

is part of this last one.

Generally, we work in France but also with other European companies.

Our commitment is …

Opera aims, in the short term, to a performance improvement, in a transformation and optimization context of the existent, combining the professional and informatics vision.

Our guiding principle…

Opera can be defined by its simplicity and its quantifiable short-term solutions.

Opera conducts an innovative process that will add a real value to the company and to the firm. Our staff is highly aware of the “doing more with less” approach.

Pressure and difficulty are perceived as opportunities. We tend to analyze the situation from the problem so that we can find a solution afterwards.

Opera has the key advantages to guarantee the success of your projects:

  • Self-sufficiency regarding the market’s stakeholders.
  • Knowledge of the finest methods and proceedings.
  • Continuous technical and methodical monitoring of our contributors.
  • We choose to have an experts network.
  • Systematic pursuit of a profitable investment.