You have IT projects and you desire to improve the testing process …

Opera advises and accompanies you with the implementation of a methodology and management and automation of functional tools, not regressional, in order to master your validation process and guarantee the software quality.

Why tests are necessary? Stakes and quality?

  • IT governance : align better the investments in technologies with the company’s needs.
  • Quality : Improve the global quality of the developed applications and answer more satisfactory to the legal requirements
  • Productivity
  • Globalization
  • Optimization

The delivery of the third party software testing is divided in three stages

Planning phase

  • Determine the function and responsibility of all of the participants of the global testing process
  • Determine the content of each of the testing phase made by the development  and third party software testing teams and users

Transformation phase

  • Setting up  the testing strategy ( test’s goals and stakes , test’s level and used means)
  • Start-up documents redaction
  • Skills transfer

Operational services

  • assistance to the users : the test team members can temporarily participate in a mission of user’s assistance
  • Changeover to the non regression tests , resulting of modification due to production problem
  • Changeover to the tests of a software version of a country before the deployment in another country.

Functional testing and Agile development

  • The functional testing is a key component of agile projects to guarantee an excellent alignment between the job’s needs and the iteratives developments .
  • The tests ought to be organized within the iterations ( in some cases they don’t last very long, generally 2 to 4 weeks), in a mode allowing to guarantee the code’s stability and a good alignment to the job’s needs.

Good practices regarding functional tests within agile projects are built around two essential practices  :

  • the implementation of manual exploratory tests covering the new functionalities produced throughout the iteration
  • The production of an automated tests referential covering systematically the defined functionalities and permanently ensuring the verification of the compliance to the job’s needs.