Opera is persuaded that a good governance within an organization is obtained by an efficient management of the knowledge and a critical business management recording

The company has to:

  • Have a throughout knowledge of the interaction of the operational process that allows to detect and to disrupt the uncoordinated labors.
  • Recognize the wastage, the non-efficient activities (with the possibility to evaluate the charges, amount of time and cost of the activities).
  • Notice the automation opportunities (as a result of apps and IT software).

Opera has come up with a simple solution to submit the complicatedness of the task: WINDESIGN of the CECIMA company

Modular environment, organized around a shared reference, to shape the organizational and informatics informational systems.

Mapping and planning – The value-added of Opera

Inventory and impact study of a changing along with its pilotage

1st step – Census of the organization / process / applications / data

It’s always the first step conducted with our clients, nevertheless afterwards they need assistance in the conceptual level.

2nd step – Functional sight – business data (MDM)

The functional sight and the business data are essentials in the urbanism.

3rd step – The steering

Numerous clients employ the “project” approach of TOGAF, which is based in the demands management.

In a “Evolutionary project of the IF” perspective, implemented dynamically through changing scenarios (AS IS to TO BE) using the triptych (demands / goals / risks)

The goals must be coherent to the demands and the are placed in a risk universe.