HR policy

The synergy of Opera’s skills, lies in the shared knowledge and good methods, and conveys excellence in every single mission that we accomplish.

To boost innovation

  • The innovative process within Opera, every member off our staff can submit their ideas, then after an incubation phase, if an interest arises from the company, then the ideas become projects.
  • The staff members, leaders in their respective fields, coordinate a methodical and technical surveillance along the promotion of events, such as breakfasts, after works, webinars …
  • A partnership approach with universities and with Opera’s ecosystem.

To boost exchanges and follow-ups

  • Monthly customized follow-ups.
  • Professional support, close to the dynamical group level, by a personal coaching (interactions with clients, with other staff members, with partners …)
  • Professional support close to the technical and methodical level.

Opera’s improvement is mostly due to the perpetual training of its staff.

From the Lean Six Sigma and the Lean Management

All of our staff members are trained in the Lean Six Sigma and the Lean Management, in order to deliver more rapidly and successfully the services offered. Besides the increase of the revenue of the organizations due to a streamlining of the process and the reduction of costs eliminating waste, Lean Six Sigma promotes a feeling of responsibility and belonging inside the group.

To the transactional analysis in organizational development.

All of our member staff follow a transactional analysis course, so that they can understand better the behavior of people inside organization. This course eases the dynamic inside de group.