Although the challenges of digital transformation are now known, many companies still minimize the spectrum of associated possibilities. From RGPD compliance, to the optimization of cloud migration projects to the targeted security of your sensitive information, Opera Conseil has engaged with several actors and offers you its experience feedback.
In this general presentation, you will have access to our services, our services, our processes and our feedback from our various expertises that we carry out daily.

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    About Opera Conseil

    Opera Conseil is a company based in Lyon, France, created in April 2007. Our field of activity includes consulting and IT expertise, integration and development of collaborative solutions and BI. Opera, for its customers and for itself, brings performance to the company by developing jointly the customer experience & the employee experience.

    We work mainly in France but also directly for European companies, large accounts and SMEs.

    Our promise: Opera offers in the short term a higher performance in a context of transformation or optimization of the existing by simultaneously combining the business vision and the IT vision.

    Opera is simplicity and measurable short-term results.

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