IT engineering for integration and custom development to a Service Center

Opéra offers a global solution that takes care of the entire project, from the needs definition phase to the integration of the new system.

This is a commitment on our part in terms of time, quality and cost.

The Data Service Center acts as a competence booster on Data !

The consultants work for various clients and on various technologies.

The Enterprise Content Management Service Center primarily implements Microsoft Power Platform and Azure devopps solutions

Flexibility, adaptability and scalability are the main assets of the Service Center.

A continuous improvement process at the service of our customers and employees

A project management toolbox, accessible by the consultants, allows us to have a coherent and unified approach on the globality of the projects for which we are responsible.

The implementation of recurring events from agile methods (dailymeeting, retrospectives, feedback, …) allows us to have a collaborative approach and to be part of a continuous improvement process.

Our methods

Standards, good practices with which Opéra accompanies you…

As companies become more mature, for greater efficiency, Opéra implements the

Lean Services Agile

1. Modeling based on activities that are potential sources of gains.

2. Detail-oriented, aimed at improving specific processes.

3. Based on the voice of the customer and quantitative indicators (metrics).

DMAIC approach

Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control.