Markets performance … how …

  • Change the raw data to knowledge?
  • Analyze and spread throughout the company?
  • Ease the decision-making to improve the steering and to anticipate better?

To assess their activity performance in regard to the previously fixed goals, a lot of companies aren’t short in terms of data.

The difficulty lies in the communication of the right information, at the right time and to the right person.


The main reasons of the failure of decisional projects

  • Weariness of the functional managers in the face of the delays, the preliminary ( needs assessment )  and subsequent (formulas) amount of work
  • Needs that change faster than the tools (delayed results)
  • A rejection of the suggested tools, always more sophisticated in comparison with Excel spreadsheet or DB Access

Our client’s expectations

  • Shorter implementation and modification delivery
  • Easy integration with the existing
  • Simplified use of the solutions allowing user’s handling

Our response

A simpler and pragmatic decisional approach

Opera’s positioning

Functional and technical departments support

  • Data driven strategy fixation
  • Tools choice support (Benchmark , POC)
  • Guiding change

Answer to the profession’s analytical needs

  • Marketing strategy
  • Logistic, supply chain
  • Data science
  • Machine learning

Design and execution of the right solutions : harvest, bring value, restore

Source consolidation / Data enhancement

Check and standardize your data format

  • quality of the data
  • Heterogeneous data merger

Choose specific tools and storage architecture

  • Model sustainability
  • Writing/reading performance
  • History retrieve

Illustrate and explore your data content

  • Relevant indicators calculus.
  • Data visualization
  • Punctual status and evolution through time

Technical expertise

Project methodology: Lean BI

The BI solutions must be: fast, flexible, efficient and low-cost

Despite data and complexity growth, the BI solutions ought to be simpler, answer immediately and everywhere to the new affair issues

Opera suggest a Lean approach

  • Carry out projects in weeks instead of months with minimal investment ( reduce the Time to Market)
  • Be flexible to changes
  • Focus on the needs that are likely to be remunerative
  • Develop the data management with solutions based on light, flexible, intuitive, easily integrated to the existing IS (full web), communicating, with or without Big DATA  architecture
  • This is how the solutions based on data must be nowadays : fast, flexible, efficient and low-cost.

Approach – Flexibility and simplicity in the middle

Opera has a several years experience on the AGILE projects including the tools SCRUM,LEAN and KANBAN

We have developed good practices mostly for decisional projects.


Non-complex data models, precast models, if possible standardize data acquisition of various sources

We avoid layered architecture

Lean service BI

  • Requirements forged where it’s necessary.
  • No use of convoluted processes during the execution of data extraction and transformation queries.
  • Analysis tools helping setup quicker and simpler prognostics.
  • Predefined dashboards by professional use.
  • Well-functioning and secure BI platforms regarding the security and conformity of the architecture.
  • Customized interfaces, flat design, in a Self BI perspective, interfaces evolution towards flexibility and intuitiveness.
  • Everything is stored at your location or in a cloud server.

As the prognostics are complicated, a vast statistical experience and knowledge are fundamentals.

An optimal communication and visualization are key in order to deliver comprehensible results

Our Advantages