Within the framework of the evolution of an establishment (CH), to set up a new governance and to rethink the medical-economic piloting through the definition and the use of dashboards. To do so, it was necessary to define transversal indicators for the functional departments, well structured, which affect the digital hospital program (June 2017 horizon).

The strategy implemented facilitated decision making by top management and limited the costs incurred by waste (waste of time, resources and materials).

Missions carried out

  • Assistance in the implementation of a project methodology for the governance of management indicators
    • concerns & requirements of the parties
    • objectives, drivers of change and business constraints
    • Assessing the motivation, capabilities, and readiness of the business to implement the transformation
    • definition of value propositions and indicators to measure project performance & identify risks
  • State of the art of indicator-based management
    • Determination/confirmation of key drivers of change
    • Estimating resource requirements, project planning and defining the best way to achieve the deliverable
    • Prioritization of tasks
    • Identification of work packages
    • Creation of the roadmap and implementation plan