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The Opéra team manages the complexity of organizations, business processes and information systems.

Founded in Lyon in April 2007, Opera brings its expertise to large accounts, SMEs and administrations in France and abroad.

Opéra is pursuing its strategy, driven by people and supported by technology, to help organizations meet two inseparable challenges: creating trust and leading complex transformations for sustainable results.


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Projects of the moment

Data governance and RGPD

For an industrial company in the Rhône-Alpes region, in parallel with the construction of our client’s master plan, a review of the information assets is underway with, in particular, the identified need to make an inventory of the data and flows by marking personal data in order to deal with the RGPD and move towards a Data Driven approach

Support for the development and implementation of IT master plans

Support for the development and implementation of IT master plans

The need essentially revolves around the implementation of an IS master plan in order to secure the existing base and make it compatible with an evolution of the business model towards B2C.

The major objectives of the IS master plan are to:

  • Robustness of the IS / IT
  • « Speak With Data »
  • The consumer centric approach
  • Bringing together business functions on a lean startup approach

An approach in which both IT and the business treat IT as a tool invented by humans to serve humans.

Support for IT and business to think globally, customer, realistic, useful, together

Use cases and requirements for technical building control related to BIM

Context where the future CLOG software of technical construction control (CTC) must be connected to the existing IS, new APAVE IS and BIM (Building Information Modeling) which translates into Building Information Modeling (or data).

Implementation of the new APAVE use case management methodology and requirements.

Mission carried out with the DATAGALAXY tooling, an agile data mapping platform in order to bring

  • speed
  • collaboration (simultaneous business and technical vision)
  • traceability
  • RGPD compliance
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Our promise…

Opéra, for its customers and for itself, brings performance to the company by jointly developing the customer experience & the employee experience.

In a context of transformation or optimization of the existing system, performance contribution by simultaneously combining the business vision & the IT vision.

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Continuously improving, we are building new ways of doing consulting and implementing technologies day after day.

We are demanding with the profiles we recruit, but above all we listen to what each person can bring.

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