For a global expert in Human Resources services, our consultants specialising in data analysis and data science carry out advanced analyses and strategic predictions using cutting-edge software within the company. Their expertise helps shape innovative solutions and anticipate future customer needs.

IT team: 2 members

Environnement technique: CRM Analytics, Einstein Discovery, Dataflow RSCP.

Skills required: Data analysis, teamwork, problem solving, communication, Maching Learning, knowledge of Discovery.

compétences mobilisées

Matt le chat à gauche. Au milieu une affiche partner Salesforce et à droite Einstein Discovery de Salesforce.

The need

  • Predict the probability of success of a contract.
  • Identify the factors that can be influenced to increase the probability of success.

Project requirements and constraints

  • Proficiency in the Discovery tool
  • Knowledge of statistical analysis techniques for variables
  • Familiarity with Machine Learning models

Services provided

  • Analysis of the customer’s dataset
  • Data cleansing and organisation
  • Identification of relevant Machine Learning models for the project.
  • Model development
  • Creation of a dashboard to present the predicted data.
  • Collaboration with the business teams to validate the PROD deployment of the dashboard.

Benefits for the customer

  • Adopt strategic measures to increase the chances of winning the contract;
  • Better decision-making;
  • Optimisation of resources;
  • Increased sales;
  • Better investment.