Architecture worldwide Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Opéra accompanies one of the world leaders in the pharmaceutical industry in a review of the “Einstein Analytics” architecture of Salesforce and in the design of the worldwide sales performance management modules. […]

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BIM (Building Information Modeling) project management assistance

For a major national actor of the control of the technical, human and environmental risks in building civil engineering and inspection, accompaniment of the trades on the implementation of a platform BIM DATA intended for the MOA on the phases of design – construction/renovation – exploitation/maintenance – deconstruction. […]

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Data governance and RGPD

For an industrial company in the Rhône-Alpes region, in parallel with the construction of our client’s master plan, a review of the information assets is underway with, in particular, the identified need to make an inventory of the data and flows by marking personal data in order to deal with the RGPD and move towards a Data Driven approach […]

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