Use cases and requirements for technical building control related to BIM

Context where the future CLOG software of technical construction control (CTC) must be connected to the existing IS, new APAVE IS and BIM (Building Information Modeling) which translates into Building Information Modeling (or data).Implementation of the new APAVE use case management methodology and requirements.Mission carried out with the DATAGALAXY tooling, an agile data mapping platform in order to bringspeedcollaboration (simultaneous business and technical vision)traceabilityRGPD compliance

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Realization Data warehouse Hotel industry

Realization Data warehouse Hotel industry For a tourism operator with 4 establishments Automation of the recovery of files from service providers Implementation of daily summary reports for monitoring reservations Implementation of analysis reports on market behavior […]

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BIGDATA expertise

Performance and customer rendering issues Recommendation of a new BigData architecture Study of the existing situation and the associated problems Update of the perspectives proposed by the latest tools on the market Identification of several suitable architectures (advantages / cost) POC on the visualization of typical data with Tableau

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Enterprise Architecture – Insurance

Enterprise Architecture - Insurance Health & Pensions / transverse data governance / actuarial technical management Framing: mapping of organizations / businesses / functionalities / applications and flows / Infrastructure (Inital and Target) Impact study Definition of the trajectory in relation to the strategy

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Inventory of the organization, businesses, applications and data

Mapping of the organizational and IT IS in a repository. Synthesis and critical points, proposal of urbanization axes. Fields: Purchasing, Finance, Customer Service, PMO, Industry, R&D Methods, Quality The realization of this study made it possible to quickly have a graphic vision of the IS to feed a stable referential of the applications and the data...

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Support for the management of medical and economic indicators

Within the framework of the evolution of an establishment (CH), to set up a new governance and to rethink the medical-economic piloting through the definition and the use of dashboards. To do so, it was necessary to define transversal indicators for the functional departments, well structured, which affect the digital hospital program (June 2017 horizon). […]

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