*** Steps

  • Consult your mailbox in batch at fixed time. An interruption to consult a message requires about 1mn to return to the previous action. In case of emergency, the requester can use the phone or the instant messenger
  • Unsubscribe from useless messages by using the automatic sorting filters
  • Quickly respond to messages requiring no more than 2 to 3 minutes of work and convert the others into future actions
  • Automatically archive messages to keep and put others in a specific holding folder that will let messages become obsolete

*** Tips

  • Avoid copying: the recipients of the messages are people who must imperatively act or give their opinion
  • To share information, make it available (without pushing it) in specific folders that can be accessed in a “pulled” flow by the people concerned 
  • Define some writing rules: precise titles, clear actions and associated persons in charge, courtesy, no “hot” answers
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