Color is an essential element in getting any message across, whether it’s salesy, informative or alert.

Colors are separated into two different categories:

Warm colors (We feel energy and warmth.): reds, yellows, oranges and pinks.
Cold colors (We feel the calmness and freshness.): greens, blues and purples.

Step 1:

Limit yourself to two or three colors maximum.

Step 2:

Think about what emotion we want to make our interlocutor feel (joy, sadness, anger, etc.)

  • For important information (e.g.: decrease in sales) we will choose a warm color.
  • For the technical side (Ex: diagram or technical explanation) we will choose a cold color.

Step 3:

Pair colors.

  • A combination that works very well is to combine a warm color with a cold color like red (warm color) and blue (cold color) or yellow (warm color) and purple (cold color).
  • You can combine colors according to the shade of the color as red with pink.
  • There are also color matching generators like Colordot, Color Palette, Coolors and many other applications.