Opéra Conseil is a company based in Lyon that carries out a Lean Six Sigma approach for itself and for its clients

Géraldine, President

Our mission: To provide an AGILE approach to organization and IS consulting

The Opéra team welcomes you to experience the digital transformation of the world.
In group, action and practice are seen as far superior to theory. We rely on ability and boldness.
In constant improvement, we build day after day new ways of doing consulting and implementing technologies. We are demanding with the profiles we recruit, but above all we listen to what each person can bring.

At Opera, management is operational and not commercial.

Géraldine, President

Our job offers

Find out more about our job offers on the “Join the team” page in France.

Our job offers

Develop your potential by joining Opéra Conseil

Opéra Conseil is the only IT consulting company in Lyon to carry out a Lean Six Sigma approach for itself and for its clients.

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Our job offers

Our growth is driven by our people

Although we are demanding in our recruitment process, with the nature, level and diversity of our assignments, Opéra is a place where you will progress very quickly. All you have to do is seize the opportunities! Before going further and applying, it is important to know our values and to accept them.

Our values are based on three pillars

At Opéra Conseil we want to differentiate ourselves from our competitors not only on the missions or the work provided, but also, and especially in relation to the values that guide us:

  1. Our management is operational and not commercial.
  2. We believe strongly in innovation and there are specific poles.
  3. Our development is driven by our consultants, we recruit them for their values and their abilities.