Take a guess and share the results with us

1 – Remote collaboration is not productive.

MYTH: In fact, remote work makes happy employees and increases performance by 13%.

2 – Project management certification is a must.

MYTH: In fact, even at IBM, only 56% of project management specialists hold a certificate. 

3 – Project management is mostly paperwork. 

MYTH: In fact, a project manager spends 90% of their time communicating. 

4 – Frequent meetings are necessary to keep everyone in the loop.

MYTH: In fact, 47% of workers called meetings the #1 time-waster at the office. 

5 – Project failures are fatal.

MYTH: In fact, if failures are responded to correctly, they may be the link to future successes. 

6 – Customer is always right.

MYTH: While it is very important to listen to the customers and consider their needs, they might not have a clear understanding of what they want. Help them understand it! 

7 – You need a lot of experience to be a successful project manager.

MYTH: Experience is definitely beneficial but you can learn the necessary skills through workshops, books, articles, online classes, seminars, etc.. 

8 – The PM is the boss.

MYTH: The responsibility falls on the team leader or team manager, the PM does not have the authority to give orders, he should work collaboratively with the team members.

9 – Always avoid conflict.

MYTH: Conflict can be beneficial to a project, all stakeholders including team members should speak up and voice their opinions to offer innovative ideas.

10 – Project Management software is the key to success.

MYTH: The software can be helpful, but what define success is the client’s satisfaction: expectations met, quality of work, good communication, etc…