For a public service located in the Grand-Est region of France, our consultants, experts in the Blueway solution, are dedicated to integrating data from a variety of sources. Their mission is to optimise the portal in order to simplify data handling for the customer and the business teams, guaranteeing a fluid and efficient experience.

IT team: 2 members

Duration: 1 year

Technical environment: Blueway ETL, Blueway ESB, Blueway MDM, Blueway PORTAILS.

Activity: Tech Lead / Blueway Data engineer

Project: Integration of data from various sources, optimisation of the portal to simplify data handling by business teams.

Skills required: Data integration, data manipulation, time management, teamwork, planning, critical thinking and problem solving, communication.

compétences mobilisées

un colibri qui réfléchie sur son ordinateur

The need

  • A Tech Lead who has an in-depth understanding of the business domain, proven expertise in the tool, and who plays a support role for both the customer and the various Blueway developers.
  • A Blueway data engineer who applies agile methods, ensures transparent communication and reports regularly on progress.

Project requirements and constraints

  • Development of ESB and ETL flows.
  • Continuously optimising and developing the various RGE data flows, while ensuring their effective maintenance.
  • Implementing best practice and sharing knowledge to ensure the success of the project.

Services provided

  • Setting up ETL flow maintenance.
  • Deployment of application buses (ESB Bus)
  • Optimisation of existing flows.
  • Integration of best practices in the development of the Blueway solution

Benefits for the customer

  • Reduced technical debt.
  • Optimisation of analysis workflows to save significant amounts of time.
  • Improved communication.
  • Improved development thanks to best practices.
  • Better decision-making.