Identify the needs, qualify, ensure the right configuration… unravel the complexity and bring together the project owner and the contractor

The manager is at the heart of a system of increasing complexity (pressure from the environment, internal constraints: finance, HR, politics, technological constraints) and when he/she has to lead an information system modernization project, he/she must, while managing his/her business functions, perform multiple tasks: coordinate the project managers and the project owners, translate the expectations of each of them, contribute to their reciprocal understanding and to the approval of the specifications, make sure that a budgetary framework is respected…

The Business Analyst is the experienced man or woman who can bring his or her specific knowledge to bear on the project.

Independent of the structure, he is the facilitator of the relations between the project owner and the project manager, he helps the project owner to settle in the project by identifying a necessary leadership to keep the control of the project, he challenges the different providers who do not have the same interests, he brings his methodological and technical expertise.

His neutrality is an indispensable asset because he has no constraints, he clarifies the grey areas and asks questions, even disturbing ones. He is not exposed to internal pressures and the importance of the changes that the project may bring has no impact on him. He can keep a distance from the operators, who often have to manage their daily lives and the project in parallel.

The profit manager implements the process of optimizing the general performance of an economic entity

OPERA consultants have the essential assets to assist you by carrying out the following actions:

Your concerns in Business Analysis & Profit Management

  • improve the efficiency of business processes,
  • increase agility and streamline processes,
  • Technology for technology’s sake is not appropriate, the need is to find lighter solutions that can respond in a minimum of time to rapidly evolving needs,
  • unravel the complexity and bring together MOA and MOE
  • to have a 360° vision of the business need to be covered
  • to have expertise in the choice of solutions
  • be assisted in the deployment of solutions

Opéra’s offer – Business Analysis

Preliminary studies and opportunity studies

  • Process modeling (using methods (BPA, BPM, MERISE, UML,…) and adapted software tools, business process modeling, organization and resources modeling, functional mapping, application mapping, technical mapping (IT infrastructure)
  • Expression of needs
  • Benchmarking of solutions
  • Budget study
  • Elaboration of a macro planning
  • Drafting of the specifications

Tender management

  • Drafting of the tender documents
  • Definition of the selection grids
  • Organization of the defense hearings
  • Helping with the evaluation of bids
  • Management of contracts

Functional qualification

  • Definition of the test strategy and organization of test campaigns (acceptance protocol, planning, participants, logistics)
  • Construction of acceptance scenarios
  • Elaboration of the follow-up documents and the process of recycling anomalies
  • Tool implementation (expertise on test management tools SALOME, TESLINK, BORLAND, HP


  • Pilot site experimentation (identification of key points to be measured during the experimentation, “Contractualization” with the pilot sites, assessment of the experimentation phase and adjustment of the deployment methods)
  • Deployment
  • Data migration

Maintenance and support

  • Organization of the TRA (Application Acceptance Team)
  • Organization of maintenance and support (collection and processing of user requests, system durability by adapting to new needs, implementation of tools necessary for monitoring requests (ITIL), organization of user groups)

Operating report

Opéra’s offer – Profit management

Profit management or the paradox of the chicken and the egg

For a company to be successful, what should come first: financial profit or quality?

The answer to this question is, in our opinion, closely linked to Revenue Management, which is considered a natural step in the process of optimizing the overall performance of a business entity.

Companies must now be able to offer not only attractive pricing but also the best quality of service while maintaining the desired positioning. The most successful pricing strategy is dynamic pricing that combines the three major drivers: cost, identity and market knowledge.

The idea is to approach the subject in a broad sense. Indeed, when we talk about « Profit Management », we must include the different forms of profit.

Of course the first form that comes to mind is the

Financial profit

which requires efficient control processes and operating results: every company must generate cash flow to consolidate its financial sustainability.

But not only…

Profit in branding (identity)

is the perceived value of a brand and is calculated according to a SIMA protocol. This value generates direct and indirect profits for the company. The optimization of this profit requires a dynamic and strategic segmentation, a permanent follow-up of the customer satisfaction and a predictive functional adjustment to meet the expectations of future customers.

Profit with knowledge

is the intangible asset generated by external and internal data. The valorization of organizational knowledge is another vector that is often neglected.

The role of the revenue manager is to structure all the profit centers and to develop a sales strategy that guarantees an overall performance that is as stable as possible.

C’est It is within this framework that Opera Conseil intervenes by providing a business solution “Box RM” able to fit into the existing IS of the company. Our box allows :

  • Automatically retrieve internal and external data
  • Cross-reference the data collected
  • Benefit from advanced analytical tools to produce real-time and predictive indicators
  • Manage historical data
  • Establish hypotheses
  • Manage alerts on the achievement of objectives
  • Communicate easily and collaborate on management
  • Manage the knowledge assets of companies and hotels in a sustainable way
  • Facilitate learning for newcomers

Profit in environmental quality

is the quality of human activities to limit environmental impacts, preserve ecosystems by ensuring access to viable resources (link between economy and ecology).

Our skills / certifications in Business Analysis & Profit Management