Why cyber security?

To ensure: Confidentiality / Integrity / Availability

Your cyber security concerns

  • How do data breaches happen today ?
  • How will we respond to a breach ?
  • Who is responsible for reporting/responding to incidents ?
  • How do I communicate a breach to outside agencies and partner companies ?
  • How to audit my security and train my staff most effectively ?
  • What steps can I take to build trust with partner companies regarding my security ?

Our actions

  • Reduce vulnerabilities (address the latest and most prevalent threats)
  • Secure data in transit and at rest (disaster recovery plan – DRP and encryption management)
  • Reliable controls to ensure integrity and availability (ISO 27001 compliance)

Why is this difficult ?

  • Constantly changing environment (zero-day threats, advanced persistent threats)
  • Complex defense in depth (penetration testing teams, information assurance officers, security controls, remediation tools)

New culture where every organization is required to execute and refine cybersecurity to ensure data integrity and availability. Our projects start with your maturity.

level maturity

Our approach to security through mapping

Asset management and security controls at the heart of cybersecurity

Asset Management

  • Work with your organic IT team to map all assets and their owners on the network
  • Perform a vulnerability analysis and prioritize corrective actions
  • Plan the scope and target of penetration tests and security audits

Security controls

  • What policies do you already have in place? How are they enforced? Do you have a feasible DRP?
  • Develop more robust policies and controls, train the execution of these controls
  • Optimize security tools and make corrections