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User experience and user interface design

A holistic design approach based on the design thinking process for a user-centered, easy, useful and sustainable product

User-centered design focuses on the design of our everyday products, whatever they may be, taking into account the needs and behaviors of end users. This is in opposition to techno-centric approaches or visions that are too oriented towards business objectives, which often lead to problems of user acceptance.

A study conducted by Youand*, shows that 68% of users leave a website because of a bad user experience and that 44% of online shoppers will share a bad experience with friends.

Your concerns

  • With the emergence of many competitive services, it is now important to keep the advantage by offering a product (or service) that is accessible, efficient and in line with the needs of end users.
  • Optimize the buying tunnel to increase the number of purchases.
  • The IT department can and must accelerate innovation in the company. Giving priority to the UX of business applications allows IT departments to play this role. Indeed, the UX approach favors innovative projects by improving the work environment of employees.

Our UX UI offer

This framework aims to continuously improve the design of the user interface.

Our UX strategy? Meet with users to identify their issues, capture the objectives to be achieved for our clients and co-create the web design of the service.
Websites, intranets or mobile applications must all be designed with the customer experience in mind.
Through its UI consulting services, Opera designs customer-centric applications with the goal of delivering a customized, efficient, seamless and consistent digital experience.
The UI layer allows our customers to facilitate the functional readability and beyond to give an identity strength to functions, to make the editor of an application recognized at a glance.

Design is the first step towards the materialization of your project. Our design offer helps you find solutions aligned with your expectations, your resources and your objectives.

The design phase of your project

In discovering your project, we focus on understanding your vision and related objectives. We follow your ideas and needs to establish a concrete framework for the development of your project.

Our services include scoping workshops, specification development, mock-up creation, and even interactive prototyping. The goal is to create maximum value from short iterations to lay a solid foundation for your project.



Design objectives

Our design offering helps you go from an idea to a reliable, tested and validated solution that you can implement.

  • Co-create the solution: Imagine together a design solution that meets your objective and is realistic in terms of budget and time.
  • Bring your project to life: Prototype your ideas quickly and tangibly.
  • Test desirability: Ensure that end-users are interested in and understand your project.
  • Check feasibility: Ensure the technical feasibility of your project.

One of the first major steps is to go from your ideas to a first interactive prototype through an analysis, conception and design phase. The latter can allow you to:

  • Validate your target market and your products.
  • Pitch your application to convince investors.
  • Establish a pitch to convince investors.
  • Accurately assess future costs and developments.
  • Align stakeholders with a first concrete version.
  • Create better specifications for developers or for a tender document.
  • Launch a tender for development.

Design services

From the graphic design phase to user testing, we can guide you through the complexity of the design process.
Voici les services que nous proposons :

  • Participatory workshops
  • User research
  • User experience (UX Design)
  • Ergonomics HMI
  • User interface (UI Design)
  • Interactive prototype
  • User testing
  • Style guide and specifications
  • Iconography and illustration
  • Animation and interaction design


people work


Our design offering helps you go from an idea to a reliable, tested and validated solution that you can implement.

Participatory workshops can create, in a few hours, a lot of value to the project, structure the ideas and align the vision of all stakeholders.


Our design offering helps you go from an idea to a reliable, tested and validated solution that you can implement.

Each project is unique, so the types of design deliverables can take different forms. Here are some examples of typical deliverables that can be part of a design project with Opera.

  • Personas: Personas are a graphical summary of your target audiences that allow you to better understand the needs, frustrations and context of your end users.
  • Site Map: The site map or flow map allows you to visualize the path that your users will follow in the digital interfaces.
  • Wireframes: The wireframe is the detailed plan of your website. Like the plan of your future house, it defines where to place which elements.
  • Graphic mock-ups: The graphic mock-ups present the interface of your digital solution with the final colors and style.
  • Prototypes: An interactive prototype is a first version of your design that will be used to test it with users.
  • Styleguide: It is a document that contains all the references on how to design your graphic identity (colors, imagery, font, etc.).
  • User testing and reporting: User testing verifies the effectiveness and comprehension of your digital solution with users. These results are then compiled in a visual and strategic report.


Why choose Opera?

Opéra is an SI consulting firm with talent in both the engineering and design worlds.

This duality ensures that our designers are anchored in technical realities and offer you realistic solutions.