enterprise architecture

Make your IS the gas pedal of your digital transformation

With the rise of new technologies, the explosion of data volumes and the emergence of new challenges, information systems have become digital platforms, direct supports for the performance of your organization.

IS users need reliability but also flexibility and depth of analysis. In this context, information system governance has never been so complex and so strategic.

Your concerns in enterprise architecture and governance

  • create a common vision of the company
  • Align IT with business strategy
  • control costs
  • prepare the company for change
  • promote agility
  • avoid duplication of technologies
  • unblock the flow of information
  • ensure compliance with regulations
  • integrate business processes


Opera’s Enterprise Architecture & Governance offering

Architecture, IT strategy, governance

ISD organization: processes, governance, organizational maturity, skills management.

Business/IT alignment analysis

Performance, stability and operability audits

Master plan

SI urban planning and rationalization plan

Opéra is convinced that good governance of an organization requires efficient knowledge management and documentation of critical business processes

architectural firm diagrams

Relay management

Within the framework of a managerial emergency (CIO who leaves overnight, sickness or maternity leave)

Performance improvement – Digital transformation

Preparation of the organization, launch of a strategic project, digitalization, external growth (acquisition, merger – integration),

Improving the quality of service and the efficiency of organizations

Analysis and optimization of IT production costs

Industrial implementation of infrastructure and operational services

Our skills / certifications in enterprise architecture & governance

Methods & Tools