«To benefit from the support of academic research…»

«…as a source of differentiation for companies»

Active clusters of expertise :

  • Information and communication technologies and knowledge and mobility engineering
  • Business process automation
  • Industry 4.0
  • Automated information analysis. From capture to study, we leverage our partners’ data to determine directions to optimize processes and identify new business opportunities.
    • Configure powerful business analytics tools that use your data to optimize your strategic decision making.
    • Determine accessibility and availability according to the issues of velocity, heterogeneity and large scale inherent to Big Data.
    • Develop complex algorithms and architectures to ensure high performance of your SI.
    • Host your data while respecting the necessary security constraints.

The resulting possibilities are many:

    • Management optimization: rapid forecasting and real-time analysis ensure efficient processes
    • Intelligent personalization: systems learn from your users’ habits to provide individualized and contextualized services
    • Smart products: smart machines and sensors optimize the business model of your solutions

Implementation of an Agile methodology, adapted to small companies

Financing of innovation

Facilitating Opéra for the elaboration of European aid files for innovation

Innovation principles