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Manage your projects and your portfolio with our Project Managers​

Project management​​

Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements.​​

Project portfolio management:​​

Project Portfolio Management deals with the choice of projects and how to finance them, based on the company’s objectives​

It is the centralized management of one or more project portfolios to achieve strategic objectives

It is a way to bridge the gap between strategy and implementation


Your project management concerns

  • Scope creep (changes, continuous or uncontrolled growth of a project, at any time after the start of the project)​
  • Lack of clear objectives and success criteria​
  • Delays in the project schedule​
  • Budgeting problems or budget increase​
  • Conflicts between team members​
  • Lack of communication​
  • Insufficient skills of team members​
  • Overworked and stressed employees​
  • Manufacturing managers report cost as the biggest project management challenge​
  • Lack of accountability on the part of team members can cause an entire project to fail
  • Unrealistic deadlines​

Your project portfolio management concerns

  • At best, your team will just get the job done, but not to its full potential. At worst, problems can result in delayed start times or missed deadlines​
  • With project-specific data dispersed, workers go from platform to platform to talk to each person involved in each different project
  • Lower profitability, fewer resources and unhappy shareholders and investors​
  • Some projects can generate huge amounts of revenue, while others can be a waste of time and resources​


Opera’s Project & Portfolio Management offering

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project management


Project management objectives​

  • Knowing the exact needs of clients (through proactive interaction with clients during the planning phase)​
  • Have timely communication methods to ensure that all stakeholders are involved in the process​
  • Have a clear set of objectives​
  • With effective cost management, avoid various common complications that a project may face and achieve better and faster results​
  • Having the right people in the right place​
  • Know the capabilities of the project team and negotiate the project schedule by prioritizing project deadlines and tasks​

Project portfolio management objectives

  • Visibility into your projects to see if they are at capacity, have the right resource allocation or have the right milestones planned to meet deadlines
  • See everything in a central location via a real-time dashboard​
  • In-depth budgetary insight into your project portfolio to see where the money is going​
  • In-depth visibility into all the projects in your portfolio with sorting and prioritization of projects​

Our mission is to organize, plan and lead technical projects (Business/IT application deployment projects, Digital projects: mobile application projects, big data, …) from their scoping to their deployment in compliance with existing processes and company standards.

Our mission includes but is not limited to​

  • Task planning, including schedules, milestones, resources, budget​
  • Project risk management​
  • Preparation & Participation in committees and activity tracking updates​
  • Monitor progress on a daily basis​
  • Manage the backlog and product sprints.​
  • Production of communication materials​
  • Update and animation of project blog​
  • Assistance with logistics and project animation
  • Lead project teams and actively participate in helping teams solve problems​
  • Guide the operational relationship with the client and all stakeholders​
  • Prepare and present periodic reports on the status of the project​

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