For a leader in the insurance industry, our cybersecurity project manager is driving penetration testing on high-level enterprise software.

Duration: 1 year

IT Team: 5 team members

Technical environment: Silva, Azure Devops, C-Cure, Agile Project Management, Software Exploitation (Web applications, Mobile Applications, Infrastructure, Software Applications)

Skills mobilized: Project management, teamwork, planning, critical thinking and problem solving, communication

The need

  • A Project Manager who will remove blocking points and ensure throughput is maximized for Annual Manual Pen testing.
  • A Project Manager who will sell « Pen Testing as a Service » to all product owners in AXA GO.ethical hacker

Project requirements and constraints

  • Increase communications between testing partners and stakeholders.​
  • Manage budget concerns and product catalogue to provide testing at reasonable costs.
  • Balance software which must receive testing prior to “Go Live”, assets that must be tested in accordance with organizational security policies, and not harming the availability of products to the consumer

Services provided

  • Work hand in hand with testing coordinators to identify each tests blocking points.
  • Network with security officers and product owners to identify asset priorities for testing.
  • Schedule tests with Testing partners.
  • Validate reports to manage vulnerabilities and provide complete risk mitigation to AXA GO.
  • Report to executive leadership on Annual Testing Campaign progress.

The benefits

  • Increase throughput of Manual Penetration Testing team.
  • Identify vulnerabilities in software and infrastructure before it is deployed to the network and exploited.
  • Streamline progress reporting, cost management, vulnerability management
  • Scheduling of testing for assets is done with a measured response.