WEBINAR : Cybersecurity Services: Vendor Reports that Add Value

March 30, 2023

5:00 P.M.: 5:30 P.M.

You are responsible for the security of information systems, this subject interests you? This webinar will introduce you to the types of beneficial measures to exceed contractual expectations and provide clear and reliable information to customer, suppliers.

Hiring security services can involve a heavy cost in quality assurance. Vendors provide integral data on which your security team executes their operations.

Opera takes seriously in creating metrics by which customers and security providers can exceed contract expectations to provide clear reliable information.

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During this webinar,
you will discover

  • Some initial ideas on how to measure and weight supplier success.
  • How to avoid purchasing services from vendors who provide incomplete or inaccurate data.

Discover our expert

After over a decade within the U.S. Army, and managing large scale IT projects for military application, i have learned the importance of communication and security.

I have come to France in order to pursue a career in security services in an emerging market with room for growth.

Currently I manage penetration testing for AXA Group Operations and help them to coordinate their activities with third party vendors.