Industrialize data processing through a systemic approach

As experienced Blueway integrators, we support businesses of all sizes and across various industries in leveraging the full potential of this interconnected and high-performing ecosystem across its four use cases.

Opera has chosen this partnership for its performance and simplicity, leveraging its strengths: a single integrated platform, low code capabilities, full web HTML 5 compatibility, and a unified designer

We deliver turnkey solutions and provide personalized support to ensure our clients become fully operational and self-sufficient, allowing us to collectively establish the right performance standards.

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Blueway expertise


Certified Blueway Consultants

Your data governance concerns

  • Easily locating the necessary data for use cases
  • Having information on data availability
  • Ensuring the provision of the ‘right data’ to the ‘right consumer’
  • Knowing who is responsible for what and who has access to what
  • Complying with legal constraints (GDPR, etc.)
  • Optimizing data governance

Our Blueway services

Blueway consulting and optimization

Thanks to its expertise in DATA GOVERNANCE, Opéra supports you with a systemic view on:

  • Data organization and processes (from strategy to change management)
  • Application and storage architecture

Our experience also includes significant and successful platform optimization projects. For instance, in ESB, best development practices, and substantial reduction in processing times.

Implementation and integration of Blueway

Opera accompanies you at every stage of the architecture, from design to implementation and deployment of the 4 use cases of the platform. We bring our expertise to address both business and technical challenges, regardless of the complexity of the situation

Resources offered by Opera

(Best practices training / whitepapers, contact us)