The Opéra team manages the complexity of organisations, business processes and information systems

The company was created in April 2007 and has a staff of 15 in Lyon (69).

Opéra provides its expertise to major accounts, PME PMI or Administrations, in France and abroad.

Our promise …

Opéra, for its customers and for itself, brings performance to the company by developing the customer experience and the employee experience together.

In a context of transformation or optimization of the existing, bringing performance by simultaneously combining the business vision & the IT vision.

The red thread …

Opéra is about simplicity and measurable short-term results.

Opéra leads an innovation process that must bring value to the company and to society. The company’s staff is made aware of the “do more with less” approach.

Constraints and adversity are seen as opportunities. The focus is on thinking first from the problem to find a solution.


OPERA has the essential assets for the success of your projects


  • Short decision cycles
  • Autonomy and objectivity


  • Local management
  • Training and continuous development of skills
  • Dynamic enhancement of the value of employees’ contributions

continuous improvement

  • Lean Services Agile Method. (simplicity and short-term, measurable results)
  • Agility and innovation culture
  • Industrialisation
  • Service centres

data & security driven

  • Data governance as a vector of opportunity, security and stability
  • Data management and Data intelligence in real time, using structured and non-structured data and AI
  • Cybersecurity, Certification and tools used to discover vulnerabilities (small teams with a military structure focused on the CIA triad)


  • Culture of commitment and customer satisfaction
  • Spirit of cooperation and partnership
  • Adaptability & flexibility
  • Customized offers

HR policy

The synergy of Opéra’s skills, made possible by the sharing of expertise and best practices, brings excellence to our missions.

To foster innovation

  • Innovation process in place at Opéra, each employee proposes his or her ideas and after an incubation period, if an interest is shown for the company, the ideas are implemented in project mode
  • Employees with expertise in their fields organise the collection of information for methodological and technical monitoring and organise events (breakfasts, afterwork, webinars, etc.)
  • A partnership approach with universities and the Opéra eco-system

To encourage follow-up and exchanges

  • Personalized monthly follow-up
  • Close professional support at the group dynamic level through individual coaching (interactions with the client, collaborators, partners, etc.)
  • Close professional support at the technical and methodological level

Improvement at Opéra means continuous training for Opéra employees

To Lean Six Sigma and Lean Management

All employees are trained in Lean Six Sigma and Lean Management to aim for greater speed and efficiency in the services delivered. In addition to increasing the revenue of organisations by streamlining processes and reducing company costs by eliminating waste, Lean Six Sigma develops the team through a sense of ownership and responsibility.

To Transactional Analysis in organisational fields

All employees follow a training cycle in TA in order to better understand how people function in organisations. This training facilitates group dynamics.

Our valuesour-value

In the group, action and practice are seen as far superior to theory.

Opéra relies on ability and boldness.