Adequate balance, good setup

Our solutions embody the perfect balance, far from plain but also substantial solutions.

Opera implements a Lean Management approach in the IT

Our services

Project management support

Change management

Governance of the information system (IS)

Project steering. (guidance, oversight)

Information Systems Engineering

Customized integration and development

Opera enhances its recruitment process


The candidate’s assessment is vigorously influenced by 4 criteria which are going to be evaluated throughout simulation

  • Logical thinking
  • Personality.
  • Team spirit.
  • Motivational incentive

Come and openly have a word with us, we might amaze each other!

If you are not interested

… by the Value Stream Mapping (VSM) method and think budgets are only made bearing in mind what they can reach and not what they can provide, then this offer is not made for you at all!

Business Analyst / AMOA Consultant

If you do not want to

…be empowered, have responsibilities, whilst being acknowledge and supported, then you must absolutely not click in the following link!

Speculative application