Rules, good practices for which Opera supports you

The companies are increasingly more developed, in order to be more efficient

Opera implements the Lean Services Agile

The methods (rather cognitive) the upkeeps, the surveys , the observation on the existing and the study of similar situations , must be accompanied of what we think it’s essential

  • The employment of the stakeholders,
  • The work sessions planning,
  • The communication between Opera and the client,
  • The construction dynamic and the major investment of the client’s stakeholders from the launching stage,
  • The synergy between the different actors, with not necessarily the same interests,
  • The reciprocal and nurtured trust between the key actors and Opera’s stakeholders.

Opera’s consultants have developed expertise in the different stages of projects

Compilation of needs and information

  • Elaborate a performing scope statement through the process approach -> BPHM, UML modeling
  • Mind mapping (heuristic map) ,capture dynamic help, organization and information share.

Analysis and diagnose

  • Organize the process with the contribution and the collaboration of all the actors -> Brown Paper
  • Cybernetic model dysfunctional analysis)
  • The MotivAction (Lujan’s listing)
  • Stern’s cube (search of causes)
  • Ishikawa’s diagram (cause-and-effect)

Solutions search

  • Logical tree
  • Stern’s cube (search of solutions)
  • The discovery matrix
  • Analogy method

Display of the proposals

  • Ideas sequence
  • Quantitative graphics
  • Story board

Implementation on field

  • Defining achievement indicators (master the performance through the staking, control costs, overcome the delays)
  • Action group (producer of solutions)
  • Course of action
  • Strategic communication: Monpin tool
  • Deming tool (PDCA Plan Do Check Act)

Change management throughout the process

  • Key actors mapping
  • Improve the performance of a team at the hand of organization and behavior actions. Support on the concept of IMAGO adjustment of Eric Berne.