Contribute to the acceptance of changes through participation, communication and training

In recent years, with the market’s globalization, the technological progress, the competitive rivalries, the business ought to continuously adapt in order to improve its competitiveness. It has to set a new performance to make the random and unexpected trait of the changing, of it’s lost of sense and orientation, of the frequency and speed of the transformations, an opportunity.

The management must make sense evolving from the outdated Taylor’s organization theory to a net and projects groups organization.

Opera assists you to gain the acceptance of groups to the complexity of the organization, jobs of culture and establish the performance and ongoing enrichment by accomplishing the following actions:


  • Framing (take charge of the methodology, draft an approach for the service planning, transmit the approach to the middle management, make a census of the users)
  • Impact analysis (examine the target process and determine the gaps, map the impact of the tools, businesses and culture; analyze the user’s project perception)
  • Establishment of an operational transition plan (adapt markets plans, elaborate the tools needed to guarantee the proper functioning of the target service, define the individual / collective job development plans, contribute to the adjustment of the job reference, formalize the expected changes in relation to the HR, define the operational transition plan)
  • Definition of an user’s engagement plan (to be determine service after service in coherence to the project’s communication plan)
  • Application and monitoring of the transition and engagement plan (steer the application of the transition plan, organize punctual feedbacks among teams, report to the OHR)


  • Setting up of the training strategy and catalogue
  • Construction of the training plan
  • Assistance to the writing of the supports
  • Steering of the training’s logistic
  • Encouraging of training sessions
  • User’s functional accompaniment on site


  • Preparation, steering and encoring the launching seminar (launching of the mission with the parties concerned, identify key messages, project’s issues and initial catch, communication plan development, assembling of a communication working group, approval of the strategic committee and adjustment …)
  • Activation and animation of necessary meetings on field
  • Assistance to the communication actions: tools, methods and expertise delivery to the proximity management

Typical deliverables

  • Communication strategy
  • Communication kit regular update and adapted to the manager’s needs
  • Project regular monitoring
  • Perception surveys within future users, allowing to test field advancement of the “Change” approach and to gauge the level of alignment (implementation of the established measures in the communicational plan, measurement on field of the effects of the communication, identification of additional communicational actions following the results of the field barometer and the project’s or company’s events …)

Lunching medium

  • Set up changing management seminars
  • Skills transfer
  • Application of a continuous training system


  • Achieving accompanying change’s seminars

Offre spécifique

Skills sustainability