Determine the needs, qualify, provide the right setting

  The executive is in the heart of a system of increasing complexity (environment pressure, internal constraints : finances, HR , politics, technological constraints) and when he has to lead IS modernization project, he must , whilst managing his own business functions,  deal with several tasks : coordinate the project ownership and the project management, interpret the expectations of each overcome, assist to their reciprocal comprehension and to the approval of the specifications, insure the compliance to the budgetary framework …

The project owner assistant is the person which experience can provide specific knowledge to lead the project.

Autonomous from the structure, he’s the promoter of the relation between the project ownership and the project management, he helps the project’s ownership to settle in the project, identifying a needed leadership to preserve project management, he challenges the various providers with not necessarily the same interests, he provides his methodological and technical expertise.

His neutrality is a fundamental virtue because he has not constraints, he clarifies gray areas and asks questions, that might even be vexing. He’s not exposed to internal pressures and the magnitude of the changes that the project might provoke don’t have any impact on him. He can keep his distance with regard to the employees, who quite often, must manage daily operations and the project in parallel.

Opera’s consultants have essentials advantages to assist you, conducting the following actions :

Preliminary studies and opportunities studies.

  • Process modeling (relying on the methods (BPA,BPM,MERISE,UML,…) and with the adequate software tools, business process modeling, organization and resources modeling, functional mapping, applications mapping,  technical mapping ( informatics infrastructure)
  • Expression of the needs
  • Solutions benchmarking
  • Conception of a macro planning
  • Specifications redaction

Tender management

  • Tender file redaction
  • Fixation of selection criteria table
  • Presentations arrangement
  • Support to the extraction
  • Contract management

Functional qualification

  • Test strategy setting and test campaign arrangement (acceptance testing protocol, planning, stakeholders, logistic)
  • Construction of acceptance testing scenarios
  • Follow-up and anomalies recycling process documents elaboration.
  • Prepared implementation (management tools expertise on the tests SALOME, TESLINK, BORLAND, HP)


  • Pilot site experimentation (identification of key points to be measured throughout the experimentation, “conclusion of contract”
  • Deployment
  • Data migration

Maintenance and support

  • Third party software testing arrangement
  • Maintenance and support arrangement (gathering and processing of the user’s needs, system perpetuity by adapting to the new needs, implementation of required tools to follow the requests (ITIL), user groups arrangement)

Summary of progress