Center, adhere the time frames, the costs and the quality of the finished goods, coordinate a project

  Opera’s consultants retain a major projects management experience and make use of knowledge, skills, tools and methods to the projects activities for the fulfilment of the needs and expectations

Opera implements the following project management disciplines:


  • Define WHAT (brief project definition, essentials characteristic, motive that led to the project elaboration, technical goals, timeframe goals, costs goals, finished goods)
  • Define HOW (technical foundation upon which the projects stand, major technical project adversities, planning, humans mean, material means, software means, list of client’s supplies)
  • Define the ORGANIZATION (project management, functions and responsibilities, organization of the team, internal communication principles, external communication principles)
  • Project management referential deployment (OPX2, PSN8, MS PROJECT)

Progress monitoring

  • Timeframe management (activities identification, sequencing, periods estimation, schedule)
  • Costs management (resources planning, estimation, budgeting, control)
  • Risks management (identification, quantification, qualification by a team work according to a method retracing cause-effect), control course of action)

Project ownership and project management coordination

  • Needs expression and the execution means oversight
  • Hard points identification, resolutions actions initialization, advancement monitoring
  • Find a balance of the Project Management/Project Ownership “forces” to respect the perimeters and the reciprocal responsibilities.

Ensure the reporting and stimulate decision cycles

  • Animate meetings and decision boards
  • Steady supply and broadcast of reporting tools
  • Alert in the event of drifts, risks across the advancement of the project
  • Project results

Quality insurance

  • Quality Assurance plan
  • Quality Project Plan
  • Definition and indicators monitoring (indicators definition, implementation of follow-up dashboards)
  • Definition and deployment of quality repositories (ISO 9001, ITIL,)