Training engineering to the organization and optimization jobs of the INFORMATION SYSTEM

Training catalogue

  • Project management assistance
  • Proceeds and qualifications to the project’s management
  • Requirements management
  • Decisional tools and platforms
  • Conducting change – approaches and tools
  • Lean Services Agile

Customized training engineering

or ( Customized training catalogues) complete elaboration of program best suited to your expectations

Complete project of training engineering from the definition of the need to the validation of the acquired experiences.

Our contributions

Focus on the day-to-day

The main goal of this training is to know what to do, how to do it and why do it

The different topics covered are studied according to these 3 outlooks :

  • stakes for the company and for the project
  • the tasks to predict
  • but mostly, practical tools and methods

An active training

Approximately every hour, the training is punctuated by a practical session that last 15 to 20 minutes where everyone participates :

  • reflecting upon their own problematic
  • analyzing the problematic raised by the group
  • taking part in the completion of the practical session

The trainer’s experience allows him to bounce back to specific problematic to draw useful conclusions for everyone.

Modern means to conduct training

  • An experience teaching staff, experts know in their respective fields but also chosen by their pedagogical skills. The teaching staffs regularly follow the news of their fields and update , with their personal/ professional opinions and thoughts, their support for each session
  • modern informatics means allowing to provide distance training – web tools and videoconferencing system
  • modern methods and techniques instruction
  • Optimized education materials


Our trainings are conducted in : French, English