What is Einstein Analytics ?

Einstein Analytics is a native Salesforce BI and data discovery tool, optimized for mobile phones that aims to extract, transform and analyze data providing meaningful insights to everyone in your company.  

This tool can consolidate CRM, ERP and other data sources into a single view, allowing users to answer critical questions fast and simply. 

Salesforce defines Einstein Analytics as an “AI-powered advanced analytics” that allow you to spot opportunities, predict outcomes and get recommendations.

What is the difference between Einstein Analytics and Salesforce Standard Reports?

Before we start to talk about the differences between the tools, it is important to understand their use cases, objectives and that they do not replace but complement each other. 

Salesforce standard reports & dashboards

Standard Reports and dashboards can be built without help from IT and are great for operational reporting, providing data snapshots and basic metrics in real time, that can be easily extracted and shared with everybody in the company. 

However, this solution has few flexibility, allowing 90-day analysis, three-filter limit and can only report on Salesforce Data.

In short, Standard Reports and dashboards should be used to provide real-time operational reporting, answering to business questions that do not change frequently.


Einstein Analytics is used for more complex, strategic and interactive analysis, providing features that Standard Reports and Dashboards do not :

  • Larger dataset capacity (supports hundreds of millions of rows).
  • Fast query.
  • Drill into data.
  • Support multi-org connections.
  • Take actions from your dashboard.
  • Connect to external data.
  • Analyze historical data (YoY, trending).
  • Optimized for mobile phone.
  • Embed analytics, dashboards in lightning pages.
  • No filter limits.
  • Forecasting and AI-powered insights.
  • Data-driven alerts

Einstein analytics is a business insights platform !


What is the difference between Einstein Analytics and other analytics tools?

First, you should thing to keep in mind that each analytics tool is unique. They serve different purposes and have various capabilities. 

Therefore, there are some key features that make Einstein Analytics unique :


Report directly from Salesforce.

A great strength of Einstein Analytics compared to other analytics tools is that you can create real-time reports directly from Salesforce. 

Using dataflows, you can manipulate data from different Salesforce objects and external data, meaning that you do not need additional ETL tool and high infrastructure costs to transform and visualize your data. 

In addition, your information is kept safe thanks to Salesforce multilayered approach to security, individual users authentication, session limits, and audits.


Support to semistructured and unstructured data.

Most of legacy business intelligence cannot combine unstructured or semistructured data, being limited to a structured data set.

Einstein Analytics was designed to manage semistructured and unstructured data and to adapt to future increasing of data volume, velocity, valance and volatility.


Take actions directly from your dashboards.

Einstein Analytics allows you to take actions directly from your dashboards. With few clicks you are able to create new tasks, open and change an account record and share insights with colleagues using chatter.  


AI associated with CRM activities.

According to IDC, AI associated with CRM activities will boost business revenue by $1.1 trillion from the beginning of 2017 and the end of 2021.

Einstein Analytics is an important milestone of evolution of AI in CRM providing powerful predictive, prescriptive, descriptive and diagnostic analysis.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics is not a reflection tool, but a guidance system,” Ketan Karkhanis, SVP and general manager of Salesforce Analytics.


Display Einstein Analytics predictions in a Salesforce object and lightening page.

You can use Einstein Analytics capabilities to improve everyday business decisions. You can use the power of machine learning and AI to predict an outcome and make recommendations for a specific salesforce object on a Lightening experience page.


Data Science without a data scientist.

Einstein Analytics works as personal data scientist, able to analyze a large amount of data in very little time to find relevant correlations, make predictions and guide business users in asking other questions.

Once the dataset is analyzed EA automatically generates answers, explanations and recommendations to business users in a way easy to understand.

However, EA do not replace your team, it is there to help you and your teammates to take better and smarter decisions.


In conclusion, for companies who invested or intend to invest in Salesforce platform, Einstein Analytics is the smartest and finest investment in order to :


  • Analyze a large volume of data in a very short time period, without the need of data scientist,
  • This tool is flexible and Interactive,
  • In a very practical way: as EA is integrated to Salesforce, allowing to take actions directly from the dashboard, AI powered analysis embed on lightening pages.
  • Reduced costs compared to other tools which require more infrastructure investments, extensive queries and different complementary software.
  • With the insurance of a strong security (biggest cloud software)


Thanks to Einstein Analytics unique capabilities, you will be able to reduce business costs, improve processes and empower your team to take faster, better and smarter decisions.

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