CIO transition management

The transition manager intervenes primarily in complex and non-permanent situations  in order to answer to the following problematic :

Relay management

within the framework of a managerial emergency ( CIO who leaves overnight, medical or maternity leave )

Performance improvement – Digital transformation

Preparing of the organization, a strategic project launching, digitalization, external growth (acquisition, merger – integration)

Risk management

PSE, sell-off, restructuring, activity transfer, resizing, prevention, performance improvement

The 2 types of experimented profiles offered by Opera :

Manager / Coach intervening in IT crisis situation

Switch between technique excellence  and service excellence via the relational excellence

Manager profile

  • Support of organization wanting to develop a service dimension and/or  a transverse operating preserving meaning and identity.
  • Evolution of managed services contracts maturity in particular the transition from know-how and know-how to make others do it.
  • Support the CIOs who came from the project or techniques world and wish to improve their skills around the relation with the final user and the human/cultural  dimension that follows.

Coach profile

  • Support of the managerial staff in the development of their attitude and their relational quality , the teams in the development of the the cooperation and the direction committees in the definition on a sharp vision sustaining the commitment of their collaborators and customers.
  • Specialties : coaching in crisis situation
    • How to build further that what I’m leaving right now
    • Return to the need, the emotions, what I authorize to say in nonviolent communication
    • Beyond the process, how do we cooperate
    • How to monitor the skills – How to use them seamlessly

Awareness / Suffering : do you possess those 2 concepts? If so, we are ready to intervene


IS governance expert (master scheme / IS urbanization / project portfolio management )

Prepare the functioning / initialize the IS branch in response to the strategic stakes. Activate the information system’s master scheme by the implementation of the project portfolio management

The manager profile / IS governance adviser works on 5 major lines :

  • evolution of the information system
  • the transformation to conduct in terms of skills and organization of the IS domain in order to optimize the response
  • the adaptations needs of the process and governance of the IS domain
  • The setting of economic and steering principles of the IS domain
  • The stimulation of the implementation of the IS master scheme

The missions of the CIO transition manager

Qualities of the transition manager

  • Reactivity
  • Flexibility
  • Independence
  • Sense of result – value
  • Management with non violent communication skills ( advantages job relation and CIO)
  • Work by means of relation, service
  • Enough skills to resume a critical situation

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