Automated steering solution of the hotel’s data

Generate additional income for your Hotel in virtue of the Yield Management

Get the necessary details to optimize your hotel’s performance. Daily, numerous hotels, in particular independent hotels, rely on :

  • property management systems ( PMS )
  • Booking systems ( CRS – Central Reservation System)

There are few hotels that manage to benefit entirely from their data to increase income. The analysis of YOUR data allows to have a more scientific and realistic outlook,  but also more more reliable of your client’s behavior. All of this platforms can’t entirely collect, analyse and transcribe all of the sources of data which is necessary to manage demands in the majority of the hospitality markets. With the increase of needs and the accommodation possibilities increasingly competitives, the part of revenue management or Yield management is incrementally greater.

How to improve the performance of an Hotel?

Data becomes a consumer-truth that you can use in your steering strategy.The more you value your data and indicators efficiently and optimal the more you can answer to the current trends. One of the main advantages of the implementation of an automated steering solution is the amount of time saved. By reducing the manual process of data collection, cleaning and price optimization calculus, you save in average 15 hours/week. By using existing solutions in your organization, by means of the exploitation of Excel linked to data visualization. This process  visually depicts the internal and external data of your hotel. Opera’s consultants assist hotels to increase daily income. We assure that each client is helped with our solution and that this last one will allow him to find some time for his activity.

Data processing in the hotel industry

Technological advances when the data is increasingly numerous and more unstable, hampers the strategic decision-making process for the hotel managers. But there are solutions at reach that will ease your job.

Your hotel’s needs

  • Improve the decision-making process and put in place forecasts
  • Understand better the clientele in order to enhance the services
  • Increase the occupancy with the purpose of gaining customer loyalty
  • Increase income.

Your hotel’s problems

  • Automatically retrieve the internal and external data
  • Have performing analysis means
  • Establish hypothesis
  • Have reminders on the accomplishment of goals defined by the hypothesis…
  • Communicate expeditiously with the other hotel’s services.

Opera’s solutions for your Hotel

  • Benefit from former data
  • Construction of relevant dashboards to the decision-making process
  • Setting up a Web portal to share data to all the stakeholders, guaranteeing transparency and security at all levels
  • Setting and alarm system ( occupancy rate beneath threshold value … ).

Offer dedicated to the hotel managers

We intervene to define the exploitable data, in order to monitor your hotel’s performance and provide you a more detailed information, on a more regular basis as well as customized advices.

  1. Use of easier and more performant tools
  2. Request expertise input for data comprehension and valorization with our partner Soladis ( statistic expert)
  3. Request expertise input for automate the information input : with our partner Kaizen Solution (IOT expert)

To offer you a user-friendly service, we have made the choice of using ,in first instance , EXCEL ( tool known and existing in the company)

We offer as well more advance decision-making tools : the requests are : tools owned by the users, tangible results and speed.

Our intervention is tangible and prompt with a solution under 8 to 15 days and a return on average investment in less than 6 months.

Ask for a customized consultation