The industrial informatics is a vast domain, gathering numerous specialties.

Opera intervenes in everything related to production information system

  • sequencing, steering and supervision of the production apparatus
  • industrial process monitoring
  • interface between the prior and posterior systems ( stocks management , orders management , customer service and tracking, quality and method monitoring …)


functional architecture and global technique

Process knowledge

Identification and exploitation of data process


management and governance of the industrial IS

Our clients

Thales, EDF, Groupe DBApparel (Dim, Playtex), Volvo Construction Equipment, Rolls Royce)


Eliminate flaws, reduce variation, increase speed

As for you …

  • Your information system provides you all the data process that you need?
  • The different components communicate properly between them or you have to manually recover the numerous data?
  • Do you know the risk factors, their impact and have you employed resources?

Our network approach

Alliance Rhone Alpes Operational Excellence

To the full exploitation of data process

Production information system

The data process are acquired in multiple sites, on similar materials

  • can we compared the behavior in real-time?
  • can we deduce different behaviors of operating zones more accurate than threshold used today?
  • can we use this new knowledge to detect early the drifts and optimize the maintenance?

Our observation

The different production tools handle and generate a significant number (and permanently increasing) of data .

However, the level of information of our clients on their process increase slowly.

Some of the frequent questions asked

  • What is the nominal functioning of our industrial process?
  • What is the gap regarding that point of reference?
  • How can It be explained?
  • How will it evolve?