Bandeau de titre - Opéra-Conseil

Who we are?

Founded in April 2007 and based in Lyon, Opéra has around fifteen employees located in Lyon (69).

Opéra brings its expertise to large companies, SMEs, or government agencies, both in France and internationally.

For its clients and itself, Opéra delivers business performance by jointly developing customer experience and employee experience.

In a context of transformation or optimization of existing processes, we deliver performance by simultaneously combining business vision & IT vision.

At Opéra, simplicity and short-term measurable results are key.

Opéra leads an innovation process aimed at bringing value to both the company and society. The company's personnel are aware of the 'doing more with less' approach.

Constraints and adversity are seen as opportunities. We focus on first understanding the problem to find a solution.

Indépendance - Opéra-Conseil
  • Short decision cycles
  • Autonomy and objectivity
Valeur humaine - Opéra-Conseil
  • Close management
  • Training and continuous skills development
  • Dynamic recognition of the value contributions of employees
Amélioration continue - Opéra-Conseil
  • Lean Agile Services Methodology (simplicity and short-term measurable results)
  • Agility and culture of innovation
  • Industrialization
  • Service Centers
Data & security driven - Opéra-Conseil
  • Data gouvernance vectrice d’opportunités, de sécurité et de stabilité​
  • Real-time expertise and AI
  • Cybersecurity, Certification, and Tools Used for Discovering Vulnerabilities
Voix du client - Opéra-Conseil
  • Culture of Customer Engagement and Satisfaction
  • Spirit of Cooperation and Partnership
  • Adaptability & Flexibility
  • Tailored Offerings
L’amélioration chez Opéra passe par la formation en continu des collaborateurs d’Opéra - Opéra-Conseil

All employees are trained in Lean Six Sigma and Lean Management to aim for greater speed and efficiency in the services delivered. In addition to increasing organizational revenue through streamlining processes and reducing company costs by eliminating waste, Lean Six Sigma fosters team development through a sense of belonging and accountability.

All employees undergo a training cycle in Transactional Analysis (TA) to better understand the functioning of individuals within organizations. This training facilitates group dynamics.

In the group, action and practice are perceived as far superior to theory.

Opera focuses on abilities and audacity.

Notre philosophie - Opéra-Conseil