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To ensure: Confidentiality / Integrity / Availability

  • Reduce vulnerabilities (address the latest and most widespread threats)
  • Secure data in transit and at rest (disaster recovery plan – DRP and encryption management)
  • Reliable controls to ensure integrity and availability (ISO 27001 compliance)
  • Constantly evolving environment (zero-day threats, advanced persistent threats)
  • Complex defense in depth (penetration testing teams, information assurance managers, security controls, remediation tools)
  • Work with your organic IT team to map all assets and their owners on the network
  • Conduct a vulnerability analysis and prioritize corrective measures
  • Plan the scope and targets of intrusion testing and security audits
  • What policies do you already have in place? How are they implemented? Do you have a feasible DRP?
  • Developing more robust policies and controls, and training the enforcement of these controls
  • Optimize security tools and proceed with corrections