The data/big data architecture is essential to manage the collection of raw data, which may be more or less structured, in greater or lesser quantities and which may come from different sources (internal, external). After this inventory, it is then necessary to create and optimize the storage infrastructures.

Your Data & Bigdata architecture concerns

  • Develop new growth drivers thanks to the control of your information capital.
  • Bring out new needs and use cases by capitalizing on the company’s data.
  • Improve the analysis of information using a large volume of data and a wide variety of data sources.
  • Govern your data in compliance with the rules and regulations (especially RGPD).
  • Guarantee data quality and security in a DataLake context.
  • Leverage linear scalability to control the costs of data growth.

The value contribution of Opera Data & Bigdata architecture

Choose specific tools and storage architecture

Sustaining the model

Ensure read/write performance

Catch up on history