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Our mission: Bring an AGILE approach to advising on organization and IT

The Opéra team welcomes you to experience the digital transformation of the world.
Within the group, action and practice are seen as far superior to theory. We place our bets on abilities and audacity.
In continuous improvement, we build new ways of consulting and implementing technologies day by day. We are demanding in the profiles we recruit, but above all, we listen to what each individual can bring.

Notre mission : Apporter une démarche AGILE  pour conseiller en organisation et SI - Nous rejoindre - Opéra-Conseil

Our job offers

Notre croissance passe par nos collaborateurs - Nous rejoindre - Opéra-Conseil

Our growth relies on our employees

Although we are demanding in our recruitment process, with the nature, level, and diversity of our missions, Opera is a place where you will progress very quickly. You just need to seize opportunities! Before going further and applying, it is important to know our values and accept them.

Our values are based on three pillars

At Opéra Conseil we want to differentiate ourselves from our competitors not only on the missions or the work provided, but also, and above all, in relation to the values ​​that guide us:

  1. With us, management is operational and not commercial.
  2. We strongly believe in innovation, and there are specific departments dedicated to it.
  3. Our development relies on our consultants, we recruit them for their values and abilities

Recruitment process

The recruitment manager conducts an initial screening of the received applications based on the job description established by the manager.

  • The required nature and level of education
  • Level of experience
  • Acquired skills
  • Interpersonal skills

This selection is then refined by the manager to whom the position is attached.

The interviews are conducted by the recruitment manager and the future hierarchical manager of the recruited person, as well as any other person whose opinion is required (such as a subject matter or technical expert).

In addition to these interviews, it is also possible to subject candidates to evaluation tests, provided that they are relevant.

A candidate's references will be automatically checked.