Our expertise in Data Governance and Revenue Management has led us to implement a performance optimization process based on the analysis of structured and subjective company data.

Your concerns

Today, the acceleration of the needs and possibilities of hosting has generalized the need for an efficient management, transverse to all the services of the company.

On a daily basis

  • Manual data extraction
  • Analysis in EXCEL
  • Broadcasting of results on an ad hoc basis
  • Manque de fiabilité des données (à cause des copier/coller)Lack of data reliability (due to copy/paste)

However, the company is faced with the problem of

  • Automatically retrieve internal and external data
  • To have advanced analysis means
  • Establish assumptions
  • To have alerts on the achievement of objectives defined by the assumptions …
  • Communicate more quickly with other departments

The Box Opéra solution

A business solution “Opera BOX” able to fit into the existing IS of the institution and to collect the necessary internal and external data from ERP/CRM/SIRH/Accounting tool/OTA/Meta-engine/GMAO/MES … in order to translate them into usable KPI.

The objectives of the Opéra Box

Optimize your performance


Analyze the competition and improve positioning

Industry: Analyze and cross-reference various data sources in real time to anticipate productivity and risks

Have a cross-functional analysis tool


Have absolute control of all “indicators” to manage the company’s activities. Have a hand so that the business team develops its analysis tool (without IT intervention) 

Have a reporting tool that encompasses all departments of the institution


Automation solution for the Opéra Box

We provide a modular and configurable business solution according to the needs of the business.

schéma box opéra-conseil

Examples of dashboards produced for the Hospitality sector

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