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Box Profit management

Our expertise in Data Governance and Revenue Management has led us to establish a performance optimization process based on the analysis of structured and subjective data from businesses.

A business solution, 'Box Opéra,' capable of integrating into the existing Information System (management or industrial) of the establishment and collecting the necessary internal and external data from ERP/CRM/HRIS/Accounting Tool/Meta-engine/MES/CMMS/... in order to translate them into actionable KPIs.

To optimize your performance

Having cross-functional analysis capabilities

Les objectifs de la box Opéra - moyen d'analyse - Opéra-Conseil

Having a reporting tool that encompasses all structures/establishments of the company

Les objectifs de la box Opéra - reporting - Opéra-Conseil
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Les objectifs de la box Opéra - Opéra-Conseil

Management: Analyzing the competition and improving positioning

Industry: Analyzing and cross-referencing various data sources in real-time to anticipate productivity and risks

Les objectifs de la box Opéra - Contrôle absolu de tous indicateurs - Opéra-Conseil

Having absolute control over all 'indicators' to manage the activities of the company. Having the capability for the business to evolve its analysis tool (without IT intervention) at will.

We provide a modular and configurable business solution tailored to the needs of various industries.

Solution d'automatisation de la Box Opéra - Opéra-Conseil