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Business intelligence

Give your business real autonomy and independence in constructing their analyses. (#selfbi)

Promote a new culture of collaborative and cross-functional steering that goes beyond data

Business intelligence - Opéra-Conseil

Data exploration. What is the actual activity? Which study axes should be prioritized?

Activity monitoring. What is the historical data? What are the trends?

Fraud detection. What volume is concerned? What countermeasures should be anticipated?

Performance indicators. Where are we heading? At what deadline?

Marketing reports. How to adapt campaigns? What results have been obtained?

Real time - Opéra-Conseil

Real-time monitoring. Should one react immediately to an alert?

Real-time personalization. What interface is suitable for each user?

Business intelligence - Opéra-Conseil

Perpetual study of past events. What conclusions can be drawn from historical/recent activity?

Profile identification through segmentation. What are the interests of this profile? Which audience should be prioritized for my business?

Development of predictive models. What is the likelihood of purchase? (e-commerce) of accidents? (insurance) of litigation? (bank)

Audit of client needs: understanding concerns and objectives

Etat des lieux des données disponibles : mapping, quality assessment, and reliability

Préparation et structuration des données : choix du stockage, modélisation, performance

Data exploration: implementation of analysis algorithms and valorization (by data scientists)

Dissemination of results

Industrialization: implementation of operational architecture, training for autonomous use of the solution

vision de l'organisation - Business intelligence - Opéra-Conseil

The compromise focuses on user agility and IT control

La vision solution  – exigences métier - Opéra-Conseil
  • Information limited to the essentials
  • Readable and understandable presentation for all users
  • Ease of use
  • Efficiency of use
  • Integration into the company portal
  • Integration of widgets into management applications
  • Diversification of terminals: desktop, mobile, tablets
  • Massive distribution in various formats (Excel, PDF...)
  • Email alerts
  • Optimization of feed queries
  • Continuous questioning of the data model
  • Compliance with tuning recommendations on the DBMS side, indexing of tables, ...
  • Impeccable data quality (relevance, reliability, freshness, ...)
  • Intuitive use (direct access to desired data, navigation capabilities, drilling...)
  • A polished design (choice of colors, use of images stronger than words)
  • Always choosing a diagram that is suitable for the represented information
  • A constant struggle against information redundancy on the screen
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Despite the increase in data and complexity, Business Intelligence solutions must be simpler, provide immediate answers, and address new business questions everywhere.

  • Executing projects in several weeks instead of several months and with minimal investments (reducing Time to Market)
  • Staying flexible with changes
  • Focusing on needs that potentially yield gains
  • Develop data management with solutions based on lightweight, flexible… intuitive architectures, easily integrated into existing IS (full web), communicative,… with or without Big Data