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Data science & IA

The exploitation of data is a central aspect in the evolution of the company.

In a world that is changing ever more rapidly, it is no longer possible to simply observe and then act.

Artificial intelligence techniques enable staying ahead of the curve, remaining competitive, predicting forthcoming phenomena, identifying and grasping trends, and more broadly, enhancing business understanding and making the best decisions.

Today, artificial intelligence is no longer a domain reserved for experts.

A tool like Salesforce enables the rapid valorization of data with a reasonable investment, facilitating quicker adaptation and addressing change effectively.

Our data team is here to assist you with key points that will make the exploitation of your data simple and effective:

Your teams are experts in their field, in their domain. This knowledge is a fundamental foundation of your activity. But it's possible to go even further.

Artificial intelligence operates very differently from human intelligence. Its purpose is not to replace, but to complement it, by providing elements that are simply not accessible to a human. Moreover, it can enrich your own domain knowledge and enable your experts to have an even deeper understanding of their field. This leads to a virtuous circle where human and artificial intelligences complement each other.

  • To identify which factors impact which other factors, to go beyond what the experts already know
  • To identify the factors on which it is possible to act so that small changes result in significant improvements?
  • Granting your experts access to new information previously unknown to them, enabling them to further enrich their knowledge.

In your business, there are critical points that you must anticipate in advance:

  • The price at which a product will be able to sell;
  • The proportion of non-conforming pieces in an ongoing production;
  • The reaction of your customers to an upcoming product change;
  • Or more broadly, the risk of an event occurring.

Our data team accompanies you in leveraging predictive models with artificial intelligence techniques that have repeatedly proven their effectiveness.

  • To identify what, within your data, will enable the prediction of the key indicator to anticipate and improve your decision-making
  • To test multiple models and select the one or ones most effective.
  • To ensure the maintenance of these models by organizing retraining phases
  • To transparently present what the model does so that you remain in control of your decisions