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Lean Services Center

Opéra offers a comprehensive solution that supports an entire project, from the needs definition phase to the integration of the new system. It is a commitment from us in terms of timeframe, quality, and cost.

The consultants work for various clients and on various technologies.

Flexibility, adaptability, and scalability are the main strengths of the Service Center.

A project management toolbox, accessible to consultants, enables us to have a consistent and unified approach across all the projects under our responsibility.

Implementing recurring events based on agile methods (daily meetings, retrospectives, lessons learned sessions, etc.) allows us to have a collaborative approach and to engage in a continuous improvement process.

How do we intervene?

Standards and best practices with which Opéra supports you...

Nos méthodes - Opéra-Conseil

Companies are becoming increasingly mature, aiming for greater efficiency. Opéra implements the

1. Modeling based on activities that are potential sources of gains.

2. Detail-oriented, aiming to improve specific processes.

3. Based on customer feedback and quantitative indicators (metrics).

Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control.