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Opéra has chosen this partnership for its performance and simplicity, leveraging its key strengths: a single integrated platform, low code capabilities, full web HTML 5 support, and a unified designer interface.

We deliver « turnkey » solutions and provide personalized support to ensure our clients are fully operational and self-sufficient. Together, we define the right performance standards to achieve our goals.

Partner Blueway - Opéra-Conseil
Partenaire Blueway - Opéra-Conseil

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Blueway expertise


Blueway Consultants

  • organization and data processes (from strategy to change management)
  • application and storage architecture

Our experience also includes significant and successful missions optimizing the platform. For example, ESB implementation, best development practices, and significant reduction in processing times.

Opéra accompanies you at every stage of the architecture, from conception to implementation and deployment of the 4 use cases of the platform. We bring our expertise to address both business and technical challenges, regardless of the complexity of the situation.

Implementation of a customer complaint management workflow using BPM. Optimization of communication and understanding for business stakeholders through graphical representation of the workflow according to BPMN standard. Interconnectivity with other components of the IS (CRM, ERP) ensured by the ESB, which has brought data quality and real-time reliability.

Need to automate real-time flows with client ERPs to develop logistics activities, achieved with ESB and API Management. The platform was appreciated for its ease of use, supervision capabilities, and scalability.

Over the past 5 years, the flow has increased tenfold. Orchestrating flows has become a necessity due to both volume and frequency constraints. Using the Blueway solution to model and simplify inter-application data exchanges in synchronous or asynchronous mode. Digitization of exchanges with external supplier data.

The Blueway platform has been appreciated for its simplicity, reliability (robustness...), centralized supervision, and accessibility by non-technical users (no code to write).

Utilization of the MDM, ESB, APIM, BPM platform as a foundation for the rapid digital transformation and growth of the company.

Provision of reliable, duplicate-free data for faster product availability in the market.

Improvement of data capture, consolidation, and cleaning methods. Product managers were able to modify data directly via BPM.

  • Enhance the quality, consistency, and governance of data across all operational units
  • Streamline communication and collaboration among different legal entities, brands, operational units, and subsidiaries
  • Replace obsolete IT systems and migrate the data center to the cloud
  • Data quality: Information from disparate sources must be defined consistently, regardless of the channel
  • Data visibility: Provide visibility and control over reference data for management and governance
  • Data governance: Bring governance to inter-domain relationships (currently facing inconsistent application landscape)
  • Reporting and analysis: Ability to analyze business metrics with data from different systems that are decoupled
  • Elimination of costs associated with redundancy of operational data through a single data management process
  • Streamlining communications with accurate and centralized data
  • Improvement of data quality, consistency, and governance for all operational units
  • A foundation enabling support for exponential growth, as well as adaptation to the changing needs of customers, suppliers, and the manufacturing sector.
  • The ability to make strategic decisions based on information by providing access to real-time analysis and reports