Bandeau de titre - Opéra-Conseil


To be able to play a role as a partner to its clients, Opéra has transitioned from Information Technology to Business Technology.

Opéra enhances intellectual capital through co-innovation and cooperation with its network of experts.

Salesforce partenaire - Opéra-Conseil

Customer Relationship Management for small, medium, and large enterprises.

Blueway partenaire - Opéra-Conseil

Integrated platform of BPM, MDM, ESB, and API software that unifies the Data and Process dimensions.

Dawizz - partenaire Opéra-Conseil

Data cataloging platform that, through its intelligent algorithms, automatically and comprehensively catalogs and classifies data from the informational heritage.

DataGalaxy Partenaire - Opéra-Conseil

Agile platform for 360° data mapping.

Soladis Partenaire - Opéra-Conseil

Statistical and biostatistical consulting, as well as data analysis and valorization

3 Conseils Partenaire - Opéra-Conseil

Operational performance improvement.

Expertise, know-how, and experience in a Lean Six Sigma DMAIC approach.