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As a Salesforce integrator, we support businesses of all sizes and industries in implementing their customer relationship strategy.
With Salesforce, you benefit from a 360° view of your customers on a single platform accessible on the go.
Our primary goal is to eliminate time-consuming tasks for our clients so they can gain peace of mind and refocus on their core business.

We deliver « turnkey solutions » and provide personalized support to ensure that our clients are fully operational and autonomous.

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Conseil Salesforce - Partenaire Salesforce - Opéra-Conseil

Our consultants will understand your business goals and specific CRM challenges. Our CRM experts will assess the processes and tools that can help your team unleash the full potential of CRM.

Administration Salesforce - Partenaire Salesforce - Opéra-Conseil

This involves the installation, configuration, customization, and automation of the CRM. Our experts will tailor a Salesforce solution to meet the needs of your industry and business, aiming to enhance sales efficiency, lead generation, marketing, automation, performance management, and reporting.

Administration Salesforce - Partenaire Salesforce - Opéra-Conseil

To ensure a seamless workflow across departments, we handle the complete integration of Salesforce, including cloud-to-cloud integration, cloud-to-on-premise integration, and application integration.

Migration Salesforce - Partenaire Salesforce - Opéra-Conseil

We will assist you in migrating to Salesforce CRM, securely transferring all customer data and enhancing workflow.

  • Functional and technical platform optimization,
  • Customization,
  • Business process performance,
  • Quick start / Packages for SMEs / SMBs,
  • Real-time analytics, AI.
Expertise Salesforce - Partenaire Salesforce - Opéra-Conseil

Our Salesforce experts help you uncover sales and customer data to accelerate overall growth. CRM Analytics leverages AI to uncover insights, product outcomes, and enhance overall efficiency.

Field service analysis helps businesses closely track the performance of their field managers, thereby minimizing production gaps.

Our professionals create a customized dashboard that provides greater flexibility.

CRM Analytics provides access to actionable insights from all sales sources within Salesforce and many other sources.

Businesses can take smart actions using artificial intelligence, such as sales, services, and other marketing insights. It also helps unlock recommendations and uses analytics on the Salesforce platform.

Our Salesforce professionals help you obtain accurate and precise insights into your business requirements and performance using analytics.

Nous développons des analyses personnalisées sur Tables CRM, où vous pouvez collaborer et partager des informations au sein de l’équipe.

  • Chap 1: Basic Terms
  • Chap 2: Dataset Builder
  • Chap 3: DataPrep/Recipes
  • Chap 4: Lens & Explorations
  • Chap 5: Dashboard Basics
  • Chap 6: Collaboration
  • Chap 7: Compare Tables
  • Chap 8: Configure Actions
  • Chap 9: Layouts & Mobile App
  • Chap 10: Embedding
  • Chap 11: Connect Data Sources
  • Chap 12: Pages
  • Chap 13: Custom Maps (GeoJson)
    Class Exercise: Business Jargon to Designer
  • Chap 14: Analytics Apps
  • Chap 15: EDI & Einstein Discovery
  • Chap 16: Intro to Tech Terms
    • Misc topics,  Security, Data Considerations, Data Layer Technical, Bindings (intro), SAQL (intro), Additional Material

By maintaining a daily practice alongside solid theoretical knowledge, our engineers have passed Salesforce certification tests. We develop Salesforce products in accordance with Salesforce best practices.

In our team, we have: