Unleash the power of SALESFORCE with our ON DEMAND services

As a Salesforce integrator, we help companies of all sizes and in all industries implement their customer relationship strategy.
With Salesforce, you get a 360-degree view of your customers on a single, mobile platform.
Our primary objective is to remove time-consuming tasks from our customers so that they can gain peace of mind and focus on their core business.

We deliver turnkey solutions and provide personalized support to our customers so that they are fully operational and autonomous.

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Your customer relationship management concerns

  • Get started without wasting time with fully customized cloud solutions.
  • Sell better with ready-made ideas for sales approaches (data, articles, reports, …. exclusive resources).
  • Collaborate and communicate efficiently.
  • Opt for data-driven management to stay ahead of the game! The monitoring and evaluation of the company starts to show results when it makes good use of information, intelligent reports.
  • To work anywhere anytime! A complete mobile application and features adapted to any access.
  • Have a user-friendly platform, with advanced IA features, interconnected to the rest of the SI.
  • Have a platform that continuously adapts to the changing world!
  • Empower teams, use information appropriately.

Our SALESFORCE services

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Salesforce Consulting

Our consultants will understand your specific business objectives and CRM challenges. Our CRM experts will assess the processes and tools that can help your team use the full potential of CRM.


Salesforce Administration

This includes installing, configuring, customizing and automating the CRM. Our experts will customize a Salesforce solution to meet your industry and business needs to increase efficiency in sales, lead generation, marketing, automation, performance management, and reporting.

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Salesforce Implementation and Integration

To ensure a seamless workflow between departments, we support full Salesforce integration, including cloud-to-cloud integration, cloud-to-in-premise integration, and app integration .

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Salesforce Migration

We’ll help you migrate to Salesforce CRM, securely transferring all customer data and improving workflow.

Opéra SALESFORCE Expertise

EXPERT positioning of Opera in the Salesforce environment on :

  • The functional & technical optimization of the platform,​

  • Customization

  • The performance of the business processes,​

  • Quick start / Packages pour PME / PMI​,

  • Analytics in real time, AI​

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Focus on SALESFORCE CRM Analytics expertise

Harness the power of data and enable real-time decision making!

Approach according to the level of maturity

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Our Salesforce experts help you discover the business and customer data that accelerates overall growth. Analytics CRM leverages AI to discover insights, product results, and improve overall efficiency.

Unlocking information from the field

Field service analysis helps companies track the performance of their managers in detail. Thus, it limits production variances.

Our professionals create a customized dashboard that offers greater flexibility.

Support multiple source analysis

Analytics CRM provides access to actionable information from all business sources found in Salesforce.

Information fed by the IA

Businesses can take intelligent actions using artificial intelligence, such as sales, services, and other marketing information. It also helps unlock the recommendations and uses of analytics on the Salesforce platform.

Customized analyses

Our Salesforce professionals help you get the right and accurate information about your business requirements and performance using analytics.

We develop custom analytics on Tables CRM, where you can collaborate and share information across the team.

Resources offered by Opéra (white papers contact us)

Training provided by Opéra

In English and French, Analytics CRM Training

  • Chap 1: Basic Terms
  • Chap 2: Dataset Builder
  • Chap 3: DataPrep/Recipes
  • Chap 4: Lens & Explorations
  • Chap 5: Dashboard Basics
  • Chap 6: Collaboration
  • Chap 7: Compare Tables
  • Chap 8: Configure Actions
  • Chap 9: Layouts & Mobile App
  • Chap 10: Embedding
  • Chap 11: Connect Data Sources
  • Chap 12: Pages
  • Chap 13: Custom Maps (GeoJson)
    Class Exercise: Business Jargon to Designer
  • Chap 14: Analytics Apps
  • Chap 15: EDI & Einstein Discovery
  • Chap 16: Intro to Tech Terms
    • Misc topics, Security, Data Considerations, Data Layer Technical, Bindings (intro), SAQL (intro), Additional Material

Our skills / Salesforce certifications

All certified

By maintaining a daily practice with solid theoretical knowledge, our engineers have passed Salesforce certification tests. We develop Salesforce products according to Salesforce best practices.

In our team, we have :